Girl With Mental Health Problems Aspires to be International Lacrosse Athlete

I'm the goalie.

I have played lacrosse since I was 11, and loved it from the moment that I first touched a stick. I have played in goal since my first match. Being in goal is a real thrill – the adrenaline rush that I get from seeing a strong opposition passing the ball around goal, knowing that they are about to shoot, is no short of addictive. And the excitement that I get from saving that shot, clearing the ball up-field and watching my attacks score off of the back of my save makes me feel ecstatic.

Although I was never an outstanding natural athlete, I worked hard and, at my peak, toured with the Wales Elite quad to the USA. I also captained the Welsh B squad to victory in the annual ‘Home Internationals’ tournament (England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales).

In 2011, I was admitted to psychiatric hospital for 6 months with severe depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This was a very difficult time for me, and I was strongly advised to give up work and lacrosse whilst I focused on my recovery. My life was completely thrown upside-down. I didn’t know who I was, and had no control of my anger and fear for a long time. Just going out in public was a no-no as I would often have uncontrollable outbursts. Training or getting onto a pitch was out of the question. Added to that, the stress and tension that my body was carrying aggravated and old skiing accident and I experienced some severe muscular trauma in my back. Furthermore, my rigid, cowering posture caused my spinal vertebrae to become compressed.

I am now close to full physical and mental recovery, and it is time for me to start training again. But I am slowly nearing 30, and I am aware that my time to break into the international game is nearly up.

In 2017, the Women’s Lacrosse World Cup will be held in the UK – approximately a 20 minute walk from my front door. I will regret it if I haven’t done my best to make the team. But I have a lot of work to do. Fitness wise, I am starting pretty much from zero. And I haven’t practiced any of my skills or played in a game for nearly two years. It’s a tall order. Will I make it, or is this too little too late?

Welcome to my blog. On my main blog page, you can follow my everyday progress and share my ups and downs. Please feel free to explore the rest of the site, where you can find information on the sport, track my goals, leave messages of support and more.


One Response to Girl With Mental Health Problems Aspires to be International Lacrosse Athlete

  1. Stewart says:

    Best of luck. Looking forward to reading of your successes (no matter how small or large) and wish you strength for working through those challenges which will no doubt popup up to test you 🙂

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